Juli Ann Dodd 1943-2018


One more unpleasant task completed. Who knew an obit would cost as much as a funeral? It is a bit hard to write an obituary for a women with whom you did not grow up. She was not a chatty one about her past and so these few details are probably completely wrong. Maybe she was a diver ON the Space Shuttle?

Juli loved this photo. It’s cropped from our formal dinner photo from the infamous Alaskan Cruise to Nowhere. The photographer kept trying to get us to stand front to back or facing and holding hands. Finally, I exclaimed, “She’s my mother, not my prom date!” and put an end to it. Everyone I have spoken with talked about how much she loved that cruise and all the great stories she tells about things she saw and how much she loved Alaska. We literally went nowhere and she never left the ship! She drank and smoked for seven days with her new shipboard friends. She was in heaven. I was not.

The photo hung in her living room, right next to where she sat on the couch. She told EVERYONE about the great cruise we shared together. This was just one more example of how I misunderstood our relationship and how much it meant to her.