Hey, Universe, Why So Literal?


Let me start by saying today was a good day. It was a mind-numbing, back-breaking, lawyer and accountant legal/financial-ese day for me. But for mom, it was a quiet, no issue, sleeping comfortably-type of day. Well, not quiet. Broad snores like a lumberjack. (Do lumberjacks snore? Let’s say lumberjacks DO snore. She snores like one.)

This week the Universe has been sending messages. LITERAL messages. First, on the day my mom started to really decline the 16’ Saguaro cactus that was in her front yard fell over, dead. Now that may not be a big issue except it is a SIXTEEN FOOT CACTUS. They never die. This cactus was the landmark my mom used to tell everyone how to find the house. It was usually described as “the tallest cactus in the complex. Bigger than anyone else’s in the neighborhood.” And “that cactus is the reason we moved here.” They hyperbole was thick when describing the awe-inspiring, mystical nature of this cactus. I was a bit jealous.

So, it’s a bit hard not to see the symbolism when a strong, tall, fierce survivor falls over dead.

Then today. Another sign. A literal sign. A literally literal sign and literally a sign. Literally.

This sign has hung in front of every house, farm, ranch, trailer, fifth wheel and shack that my mother has lived in since 1991. Until today, when it fell to the ground…at my feet. Geez! Universe, why so fucking literal? I don’t know how many other ways you can let me know that my mother’s time on this earth is coming to an end. Oh wait – there is one more.

We all know you hang a horseshoe in a “U” to “keep in the luck.” (Wait, that’s a thing, right?) Well, today, as I am carrying a box of clothes into the shed, I bump the side of the door and the horseshoe that had been hanging in a “U” flipped over spilling out all of the luck.


I’m wrapping myself in bubble wrap and staying in bed.

There was one positive sign to counteract all of the mind-fuckery going on today. Next to the fallen cactus was a baby cactus. I’d like to think that the mighty saguaro, knowing that her time was coming to an end, sent out a burst of positive energy (and maybe a seed?) and the circle of life continued unbroken.