Let it Flow


Here is what you missed:

Mom. Old. Fraudulent activity. New checking account. Change info with utilities. Strike Out.

I had no luck in changing the billing information with my mom’s cellphone company. I figure when they don’t get paid in two months they’ll find a solution fairly quickly. So I moved on. Next call, Water and Sewer. This one will be short.

ME: “Hi. Blah blah fraudulent checks. blah blah calling for Mom. Blah need to give you new checking account information.

THEM: “Great. I’m happy to take that information.”

So, I read them the information. Then…

THEM: “OK, so go ahead and mail us a voided check and we will get that set up.”

ME: “What?”

THEM: “We need a voided check to change the account.”

ME: “Didn’t I just give you that info?”

THEM: “Yes, but we need the voided check to verify the account.”

ME (blood pressure already in the unsafe zone): “It’s 2018. You are telling me that you need a PAPER CHECK sent through the US POSTAL SERVICE to verify an account for AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC BILLING?”

THEM: “Yes. Or you can fax it to us.”

Arizona. Where Technology Goes to Die.