It’s Time


A few years ago I restarted an old, dusty blog when the situation surrounding taking an Alaskan cruise with my mother became so surreal I had to write about it. “Travels With Jim” was reborn. It helped me see the humor through the stress.  I still reread it just for giggles. Usually when I’ve had too much champagne (kind of like right now).

Well, I’m facing a similar situation, also having to do with my mother. So to save my liver, I’m trying to manage the stress by writing about the trials and tribulations of a mid-50s gay son as he tries to figure out how to make sure his slightly demented (dementia-ed?), alcoholic, chain smoking, immobile, Republican, (suddenly) Catholic (again), bitter, angry, foul-tempered, opinionated mother doesn’t

  1. Burn the place down
  2. Get a DUI on her “mobility assistance device”
  3. Piss off EVERYONE who has tried to help her, or
  4. Die alone

It ain’t fuckin’ easy.

So it’s time to dust off this old blog. Let the healing begin.